IMG_9427bwAs a child I loved writing stories. I was enchanted by the way words formed patterns on the blank page, creating something beautiful from nothing. I inhaled books (the smell of a good book will suck me in every time!) and couldn’t help but dream of gingham skirts trailing through tall Prairie grass, a Green Gabled farm house, or a talking Lion wandering through a melting winter snow. As I grew older, I became particularly fond of biographies and autobiographies: to see the world through another’s eyes. To share life stories.

And so that is what I attempt to contribute now. Everyday life as it is. Little snippets which make up a life story; an ever changing, rapidly evolving tale of triumphs and sorrows, laughter and pain, and a God who remains steadfast throughout.

My goal is to capture everyday moments as they are. To find inspiration in the fluttering of lashes against rosy cheeks or the daydreams of a stay-at-home mom. To read with enthusiasm and to write with honesty and passion. To remember the tears and grief of a child lost and the overwhelming pride of a new mother. To portray life as it is, mess and all.

As such, this little life currently revolves mostly around my brilliant, video producer hubby, Andreas and our two delightful babes. We live in the giant puddle otherwise known as Vancouver, BC and fail entirely too often to take advantage of this beautiful city. As a slurpee addict and self professed homebody, I’m most likely writing this while curled up on my sofa, sipping a frozen sugary drink and relaxing with the crazy, lovable, characters I call my family.

Come join me on this new adventure!

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