2019 Reading Challenge + FREE PRINTABLE

It’s that time again!

After the huge success of last year’s challenge, I am beyond excited to announce that the 2019 Reading Challenge is here!

This year’s challenge will take on the same format as last year as we attempt to read our way through 52 books in 52 weeks. In the graphic below, you will find fifty-two different categories. Some of my favourites from this year include: “a one-word title,” “an author who uses a pseudonym,” and “a family member’s favourite book.” Many of these categories were suggested by readers who participated in last year’s challenge and I can’t wait to dive in!

2018 Reading List

The goals for this challenge are simple: stretch yourself out of your regular reading habits, read more, and have fun with it! While there are no “rules” to this challenge, here are a few helpful notes to keep in mind as you get started:

1. Don’t stress about whether or not you get through all 52 categories. The goal is simply to read more. (Whatever that looks like FOR YOU.) Set a goal for yourself and see if you can reach it.

2. Venture out of your usual section of the library/bookstore. As tempting as it may be to slot your regular reading into every category, use this as an opportunity to branch out a little too. These categories are a great way to uncover new authors and genres that you might not otherwise read.

3. Interpret the categories in whatever way you like. Feel free to use the fullness of your creativity and imagination as you pick books for each category. If you think a book fits a certain category, then it does!

4. Read books you like! This isn’t meant to be a stressful challenge. Due to our natural reading preferences some of the categories will be more difficult to complete than others — but just have fun with it! Do a little research and find books that not only fit that category but that you’ll also enjoy reading.

5. Join the Facebook Group. The Facebook group is the perfect place to meet fellow readers and discuss the books we’re reading. We help each other out with ideas for different categories, share reviews, and talk about all things books! (Plus, it’ll help you out with this year’s category “A book suggested by someone else in the challenge.”)

As always, I hope you’ll have as much fun participating in this challenge as I had creating it. Let’s get reading!


FREE PRINTABLE: 2019 Reading List
(Click to download PDF Challenge List)

And by special request, I have also created a super simple chart for you to easily fill in and keep track of the book you’ve read. You can download the chart as a word document here: 2019 Reading Challenge Chart – Word Doc. Or as a PDF here: 2019 Reading Challenge Chart – PDF


In the comments, let me know what category from this challenge you’re most excited for!


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  15. Hameedullah Vali says:

    I am from Afghanistan and i love to join you all with this challenge and i wish all best of luck. Thanks for creating this challenge.


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  27. Mika Stanvliet says:

    I’ve discovered this a little late but am well into my first book and hell-bent on catching up 🙂
    I am filling out my list and would like someone (anyone) doing the challenge to recommend a book to me 🙂 🙂 🙂


    • Awesome! Never too late to join! Feel free to use any of my “monthly reviews” as suggestions (Beartown by Fredrik Backman, Educated by Tara Westover or I’ll Be Gone in the Dark by Michelle McNamara — if you haven’t read any of those.) Or if you have Facebook, join the group and get some suggestions there!


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