2018 Reading Challenge + FREE PRINTABLE

Calico skirts nestled amongst whistling prairie grasses. The warm glow of a snowy lamp post beckoning from a forest of fur coats. Red sand dunes, sweet cherry cordial, and bosom buddies. These are the memories of my childhood: countless hours cozied up under blankets, the scent of ink and paper tickling nostrils, and imagination soaring within the boundless scope of an author’s world.

The books may change as we grow older but the love doesn’t.

So for 2018, I have created a reading challenge: 52 books in 52 weeks. Fifty-two weeks of diverse genres and new reads.Β And I challenge YOU, my lovely readers, to participate along with me.

In the graphic below (free printable at bottom of page!) there are fifty-two different book categories. Ranging from “a short story,” to “a book with bad reviews,” and “a book with a green spine” — find a book that meets the criteria and check it off!Β The goal is to stretch ourselves to beyond our regular reading comfortability and grab the lonely books we normally pass by; to read bigger, bolder, and more.

2018 Reading List

I am beyond excited to get started on this list. The possibilities are endless and I can’t wait to see what books will shake out of this year of reading.

So, who’s with me?

Have a specific book idea for one of the categories? Share it in the comments and follow along as we read our way through an incredible new year.


2018 Reading Challenge


PLUS, join the “2018 Reading Challenge” group on Facebook to follow along and share your book choices!


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    • Hmm… I just checked it and it’s working for me, although the file size is pretty big. It may take longer to load depending on your internet speed. Alternatively, you should also be able to save the jpeg on the actual post rather than downloading it as a pdf. Let me know if that works!


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  6. Simone Coote says:

    translated into English: Girl with the Dragon Tattoo…
    Before 1920: Phantom of the Opera (could go in above category too)…
    Classic novel: ENDLESS OPTIONS!!!! πŸ˜€
    Character that shares my name: going to be difficult.. any suggestions??

    SUPER EXCITED for this to start. Today i hit my target of 52 books for the year- keen to do it again- with direction!



    • Haha, great minds think alike! I am planning on using the Phantom of the Opera for my “before 1920’s” book too! I can’t think of any books with your name off the top of my head but have you joined our Reading Challenge Group on Facebook yet? I’m sure someone in there would have an idea. πŸ™‚ Excited that you’ll be joining us!


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    • I’d say yes, yes, and yes! The challenge is totally up for individual interpretation. If you find graphic novels that fit the categories or want to use audio books instead — I’d say go for it! The main thing is to just have fun and stretch our reading habits a bit. πŸ™‚

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  8. bevbaird says:

    I plan to join in. First choice – Glass Houses by Louise Penny – I know I am getting it for Christmas (psst – don’t tell my hubby I know!) Will be my first read of 2018. Can’t wait! Love her whole series.


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  17. kentuckygal50 says:

    Found y’all from the graphic someone had pinned. :O) I enter a number of reading challenges each year, so I may not be able to have the entire list chosen in the next oh, 9 hrs (it’s 3pm on NYE where I am), but they’ll be there! Have sent a join request for the FB group.

    My sign-up post will be live in about an hour


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  19. amandasuehowell says:

    I’m in! I’ll probably blog about some of it over at amandasuehowell.com and I’ll definitely be posting books on my Goodreads. πŸ™‚


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    • A lot of people are having difficulties with that category! There’s a couple sites online that have extensive character lists if you do a bit of googling. Otherwise, feel free to use a middle name, last name, nickname, alternate spelling, etc!


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