Family Update

Dearest interweb, blogosphere, and beyond,

You may have noticed that it’s been a bit quiet over here lately. I promise this neglect is not intentional, simply a byproduct of nasty flu bugs and family emergencies.

Over the past week, we have made three separate hospital trips (one for each of us): twice for dehydration and flu symptoms, and once for a baby who decided to try and back-flip out of mommy’s arms and onto the living room floor.

This third visit was definitely the one with the highest stress and emotional toll. After six hours in emergency, and a rapidly swelling baby head, x-rays revealed that our little guy had a fractured skull. We were kept overnight for monitoring but thankfully exhibited no other serious side effects or injuries. Released the next morning with a pamphlet of things to “watch for” and an appointment for follow-up with the neurosurgeon, we’ve spent the past few days trying to convince an active one year old that he should avoid crawling and tumbling around for the next couple of weeks.

Although the words “fractured skull” bring all sorts of scary imagery to mind, be assured that besides an impressively sized goose-egg, our little champion is doing amazing. We, on the other hand, are dealing with some serious exhaustion and more than a little bit of emotional stress.

Motherhood is hard in general, but this birthday week definitely took a bite out of me. It’s easy to begin believing lies about being a failure, or an inadequate mother, when you’re tired beyond belief. I’ve spent this week purposefully choosing to listen to another voice; the voice of the One who created motherhood, who quietly reminds me that in our weakness, He is strong.

So, thank you everyone for keeping our family and our little one in your prayers. I cannot begin to express my thankfulness for the Father’s protection and healing hands, for angels that stand watch, and for prayers answered.


Mommy Mannegren


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