Top 3 Outings for a Baby Under One

Nine months into this whole baby thing and I finally feel as if I’ve gotten my sea legs. Suddenly day outings and activities don’t seem as daunting as they once did and my week is beginning to pile up with classes and play dates.

Although it’s getting easier as Alistair grows older, I sometimes find it challenging to find age appropriate activities for a little one who isn’t crawling or walking yet. And while I’m not sure he really cares where he is or what we’re doing (as long as he’s with mom) I still like to get out of the house and shake off the cabin fever every once in a while.

That being said, here’s my top three on the list of weekly activities for a baby under one:

1. Parent & Infant Drop-In with Vancouver Coastal Health

Once a week we head to our local Community Health Center for their “Parent & Infant Drop-In” class. This free class covers a wide variety of topics such as sleeping, feeding, nutrition, dental care, safety, (the list goes on)…  The hour and a half class is run by a community health nurse and is equally informative for the parents and fun for the little ones.

No matter my schedule, I try to arrange time for this weekly class as it’s the perfect opportunity to meet other families who live in the area. Alistair gets to drool on some new toys while interacting with other little ones his age, and I get a quick dose of actual grown-up conversation (even if we only end up talking about our babies.)

2. Vancouver Public Library: Baby Story Time

When I found out that the Vancouver Public Library holds a weekly “Baby Story Time” – I was thrilled! As an avid reader, I’m excited to introduce my little man to the wonder that can be found under the cover of a new book. Getting familiar with our local library is the best place to start on this quest.

Each branch of the Vancouver Public Library has a Baby Story Time taking place sometime throughout the week. Circled up on a mat around the librarian, this half hour story time is filled with interactive songs, rhymes, and stories.

3. Parent & Baby Swimming Class

My husband loves to swim and is determined that our little one will be a water bug. Due to Ali’s enrollment in the Infant Development Program, our little guy qualified for a special, “Baby Belugas” class in an amazingly warm, therapy pool. I think that this is probably my favourite class with Alistair as we have fun splashing and swimming around.

The class is thirty-five minutes long with some opportunity for free play afterwards, and involves a ton of songs, water toys and movement. Almost every Community Pool has some sort of swimming class for babies and their caregivers and I definitely recommend this as a fun way to introduce your little one to the water!

Alistair and I are really beginning to enjoy these weekly classes and I love watching him explore new scenarios. Any other outing ideas for a mom with a baby who’s not yet on the move?

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